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The first Service Level Objective Conference for Site Reliability Engineers

Applying SLOs to Infrastructure and Compliance as Code

Matt Ray

Audits, compliance, and security are top of mind for most enterprises, while configuration management is not something most executives consider. Management teams are focused on reaching their business targets, but operations is the engine that helps the organization achieve their goals. Developers and operators need to align their goals with the business, and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) help focus these efforts and raise visibility. Configuration management _is_ important, but it needs to be part of an SLO for delivering reliable infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Security and passing audits are important, we need to understand our exposure to risk by attaining high levels of compliance. This session will provide examples of making those goals visible through SLOs, with examples provided from the open source Chef and InSpec projects.

Defining a Maturity Model for SLOs

Yury Niño Roa

Service Level Objectives or SLOs are a quantitative contract that describes the expected service behavior. They are often used by Organizations to prioritize the reliability, availability, coverage, and other service-level indicators of the software systems. Based on what I have learned defining and implementing SLOs, I have discovered that they are valuable when they are used to build feedback loops in two axes: adoption and automation. SLOs are a process, not a project, which imposes a need for having a framework that helps organizations to adopt a culture based on SLOs. In this talk, I am presenting a framework that allows determining the level of adoption and automation of SLOs. Based on questions related to the amount of convincing: engineering, operations, product, leadership, legal, and quality assurance, we determine the level of adoption. On the other side, considering aspects such as established and documented measurements, the level of user-centric metrics, observability strategies, and reporting toolsets, we determine the level of automation.

Left Shift your SLOs

Michael Friedrich

Everyone talks about Security shifting left in your CI/CD pipeline. Tools and cultural changes enable teams to scale and avoid deployment problems. SLOs are left out - what if a software change triggers a regression and your production SLOs fail? As a developer, you want to detect these problems as early as possible. This talk dives deep into CI/CD pipelines and discusses ideas to calculate and match SLOs in the development lifecycle. Early in your Pull or Merge Request for review.

No More Theater: Building SLO Culture Without the Bullsh*t

Zac Nickens

Using SLOculture to break down silos, empower engineers, and drive user (and engineer) happiness. Using real life examples from unnamed orgs, I will highlight the pitfalls and traps of "theater" and "fiefdoms" and how SLO culture is can be used to break down barriers to high performance and high happiness.

SLOs Beyond Production Reporting - Automate Delivery & Operations Resilience

Andreas Grabner

SLOs are a great vehicle to assess the quality-of-service situation in production. SLO initiatives typically start to standardize reporting based on SRE practices and to assess the risk of impacting business relevant SLAs when deploying changes into production. But don’t stop there. SLOs are much more powerful when applying them beyond the obvious production reporting use case. In this session we advocate for SLO-driven engineering which takes SLOs and enforces them as part of continuous delivery where SLOs act as fast developer feedback and quality gates leading to higher quality code making it to production. It also expands into automating runbooks and building self-healing platforms where continuous SLO validation lead to better closed loop auto remediation resulting in more stable production environments despite increased change of frequency. Join us and see what potential we have with taking SLOs out of production and spreading it across delivery and operations automation.

Supporting tools/templates to guide your SLO journey

Michael March

Your org has chosen to implement SLOs, awesome! Beyond the core tooling (monitoring, SLO measuring, etc) this talk will quickly demonstrate concrete examples of tools and processes one can utilize which will support your organization implementation journey - soup to nuts.

The Game of SLOs - A Three Part Reliability Musical

Bart Enkelaar

Ever since the great success of important society-shaping documentaries like Cats, Wicked and Hamilton, it has been clear that music is the way to truly get a broad audience to accept new information. As SREs, evangelisation is often a core part of what we do, since it often revolves around convincing people to take a new approach to innovation. In this three-part musical, we'll describe the journey through SRE in a manner which is both recognisable and informative and as such should be directly applicable to change hearts and minds on reliability all across the world. Get out your ukulele and sing along!