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The first Service Level Objective Conference for Site Reliability Engineers

New To SLOs

Learn the basics & how to get started

SLOs are a key principle of Site Reliability Engineering and perhaps the most important place to begin. This beginner’s track will cover the fundamentals of SLOs, including how to use objectives, indicators, and error budgets to build reliable systems by focusing on customer outcomes. It will give you a basic understanding of what IS an SLO?


The human & cultural side of SLOs

The SLOcializing track will cover the human aspects of Service Level Agreements. SLOs are a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools. Learn about the SLO culture and how to transform your company to focus on customer outcomes. Gain insight on how best to convince your boss that SLOs rock and how to talk about the business value of SLOs. Do your SLOcial studies homework!

Technical and Deep Dive

Visualizations, expressions, architectural strategy, doing it "at scale"

Lets face it, SLOs can be hard. This track will go deep into the technical aspects of SLOs. If you love statistics, math, visualizations, architectural strategy or doing SLOs at scale, this is the track for you. Nerd. Warning: The lessons here are designed to make your head hurt.

Beyond Theory

Case studies, what it takes to build SLOs platform, failures

Beyond Theory covers everything practical. Get real world examples of SLOs embraced by SREs in practice. This track covers case studies, common failures and just good SLO stories. Come to this track to learn what works and how to avoid mistakes that others have made.