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Wolfgang Heider

Senior Technical Product Manager @ Dynatrace


With a Ph.D. on the evolution of software product lines, Wolfgang is an expert at optimizing software engineering productivity. As a specialist in DevOps, Wolfgang works on improving the efficiency of pipelines and the automation of answering "To Release or not to release?" to enable SRE concepts, SLOs, continuous paradigms, and progressive delivery (in other words, developing the machines that make the machines that make machines).

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Top 5 Real-life SLOs and Decision Tree to Define Your SLOs

The Google SRE theory already tells us, what many confirm with the own SRE journey: It is a hard task to determine the most valuable SLOs for your system. Monitoring tools like Dynatrace provide over 2000 metrics with many filter options and even more data is available with the integration of data sources like OpenTelemetry, SNMP, or any business data sources. For SLOs one needs to choose to focus on important data. We had a look at our customers adopting SLO monitoring in Dynatrace and present a hit list of SLO types we got reported as important. We show how the setup of such SLOs looks like – for both major categories of SLOs: real-user traffic request count based SLOs and synthetic availability monitoring SLOs. We propose a decision tree how to get from an idea to defined SLO configurations.

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