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Uma Mukkara

Co-Founder & CEO @ ChaosNative


Uma Mukkara is a maintainer of CNCF chaos engineering project Litmus. He is also the CEO of ChaosNative, the company that provides enterprise support and solutions around Litmus. Uma co-created Litmus project while trying to chaos test OpenEBS project which he also co-created years ago. He is passionate about building solutions around resilience through chaos testing in cloud native space. He is a regular speaker in events, meetups and conferences related to SREs, reliability and Chaos Engineering. Uma holds a Masters degree in Telecommunications and software engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and a bachelor’s degree in Communications from S.V.University, Tirupati, India.

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Benchmarking SLOs Using Chaos Engineering

SLOs are the visible results that SREs need to maintain in any operations. Recently the concept or application of SLOs is increasing being observed into pre-production CI/CD pipelines. If the pre-production setups are closer to production, the resilience of such a setup can be tested by introducing Chaos in the pipeline and measuring the SLOs. In this talk, we discuss the techniques to introduce chaos testing as a trigger to CD and as a post CD action in production or pre-production. Audience will see an example chaos stage in action in a cloud-native CI/CD pipeline and how the prometheus based SLIs are used to measure SLOs during a given period of time and use this benchmarking to make decisions to trigger continuous deployments. The takeaway for the SREs is using chaos testing as a tool to measure SLO based resilience and how this can be automated using declarative config and GitOps.

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