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Simon Aronsson

Head of Developer Relations @ k6


I’m a thirty-something gopher, developer 🥑, public speaker and meetup organizer from Sweden. I’ve been working in tech for the last 10 years or so, in many different roles ranging from full-stack dev and systems architect to scrum master and ops engineer. During the last couple of years I’ve put a lot of my time into DevOps practices, cloud development, automation and creating highly efficient, self-organising teams. In my spare time, you’ll usually find me either out and about on my longboard or alpine skis, caring for the chilies in my hydroponic window garden, building software or hardware or playing with my Commodore 64.

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Error Economics: How to avoid breaking the budget

It’s scary to release to production, especially if you don’t know if your system is performing within your quality SLOs. Using error budgets and testing at scale as quality gates in your release cycle, you’ll be able to gain much-needed confidence about the risk-level associated with your release. Using open-source tools, we’ll set up a test, generate the necessary load to run it at scale and make sure we stay on budget. After attending this talk, attendees will: - Have an understanding of what error budgets are and how they are measured. - Know how to use them as indicators of service quality. - Know how to create their first high-concurrency test using a load generator and how to set it up with acceptance thresholds based on their error budget.

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