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Sal Kimmich

Product Strategist, Developer Advocate @ Reliably


Sal Kimmich is the Developer Advocate for Reliably, the leading SRE automation tool. Sal is passionate about evolving the best practices of site reliability engineering, distributed computing and tracing. They care about the human-centered management of data-driven systems, helping people build data ecosystems that make sense, and solving hard problems through the clever use of math.

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Creating Great Dev Culture though Error Budgets

In the most basic definition, error budgets are simply the amount of error that a service can accumulate over a specified period of time before users grumble about the experience. While many organizations introducing error budgets observe them as just another metric for system quality control, there's a huge utility to incorporating error budgets as a fundamental part of your developer culture around trust and timely innovation: with the critical autonomy provided to engineers in this working paradigm, the development team can spend their error budget however they feel is right: either in prevention or cure of system instabilities. In this talk, we will cover common combinations of SLIs that lead to error budget best practices, as well as protocols that can be enacted when error budgets slip: the who, what, and when and why of pre-incident reporting.

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