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Navya Dwarakanath

Senior Solutions Engineer @ Catchpoint Systems


Navya Dwarakanath is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Catchpoint Systems. With over 8 years of experience in the digital performance and monitoring space, she works with customers to define and refine their digital monitoring strategy. She is passionate about networking, distributed systems and defining and improving availability and performance in a digital world. She is a strong advocate of the saying “That which is measured improves”. She takes pleasure in being a data detective when troubleshooting issues and enjoys the thrills of digging into monitoring data to unravel the unknowns.

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Unboxing Blackbox Monitoring for SLO

You have read this in every SLO book and heard it in several talks – measure SLOs from the perspective of the end user. Measuring from the user’s perspective is not easy or straightforward but the very basics of how effective your SLOs are. Learn why the user’s perspective is paramount, what makes Blackbox monitoring is effective, the blind spots it helps you cover and how you can use it to define your SLOs.

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