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Matt Ray

Regional Manager, Customer Architect - APJ @ Chef


Matt Ray has worked in and with enterprises and startups across a wide variety of industries including banking, retail, and government. He has been active in Open Source and DevOps communities for over two decades and has spoken at and helped organize many conferences and meetups. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia after relocating from Austin, Texas. He podcasts at, blogs at, and is @mattray on Twitter, IRC, GitHub, and too many Slacks.

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Applying SLOs to Infrastructure and Compliance as Code

Audits, compliance, and security are top of mind for most enterprises, while configuration management is not something most executives consider. Management teams are focused on reaching their business targets, but operations is the engine that helps the organization achieve their goals. Developers and operators need to align their goals with the business, and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) help focus these efforts and raise visibility. Configuration management _is_ important, but it needs to be part of an SLO for delivering reliable infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Security and passing audits are important, we need to understand our exposure to risk by attaining high levels of compliance. This session will provide examples of making those goals visible through SLOs, with examples provided from the open source Chef and InSpec projects.

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