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Kit Merker

Chief Operating Officer @ Nobl9


Kit Merker is Chief Operating Officer for Nobl9. Prior to Nobl9, Kit helped grow JFrog into a multi-billion-dollar company and worked as a product manager for Kubernetes and related container initiatives for Google Cloud. Before that he spent 10 years at Microsoft, where he worked on several products - Windows, Azure, Office 365, & Bing.

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A Year of SLO Bootcamps

In this talk, I'll share what I've learned in the last year leading a hands-on SLO bootcamp for a variety of cross functional teams. You'll learn a proven strategy for helping teams get over the hump of a first SLO and how to drive a scalable organizational and cultural change to the SLO-based way of thinking. With COVID, I had to adapt my SLO Bootcamp to being online only, and this forced me to focus on just the essentials, increase interactivity, and ensure the course was of value to all the participants. I'll go over resources you can use to run your own SLO Bootcamp too!

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