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Jürgen Etzlstorfer

Technology Strategist @ Dynatrace


Jürgen is a Technology Strategist in the Innovation Lab at Dynatrace. He is a maintainer of the Keptn open-source project and is working with contributors and the community on growing the Keptn ecosystem, including chaos engineering, performance testing, and other tools. He is not only passionate about developing new software, but equally excited to share his experience, most recently at conferences on Kubernetes based technologies and chaos engineering.

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Evaluate Application Resilience with Chaos Engineering and SLOs

SLOs are not only a great way to efficiently measure the availability and quality of production environments but should also be used to ensure the resilience of applications before production as part of chaos engineering. While many organizations start with ad-hoc chaos experiments in production to validate the impact on SLOs it is more efficient to bake these tests and checks into the continuous delivery process. In this session, we give you practical guidance on “chaos stages” as part of your continuous delivery to validate the compliance with your production SLOs prior to entering production. As a showcase we are demoing a chaos enriched delivery orchestration with the CNCF projects LitmusChaos (for chaos experiments) and Keptn (for orchestration of automated load testing and SLO validation).

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