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Ioannis Georgoulas

Site Reliability Engineering Team Lead @


Ioannis is currently working as SRE Team Lead at, he is a Gopher and "SLO all the things" advocate with main focus on bringing reliability mindset to the rest of his organisation.

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SLO — From Nothing to… Production

My focus of this talk will be on how I educated myself about SLOs and how applied this to my organization. I will present my biggest learnings; such as having an SLO mindset is definitely a marathon. I will present my SLO journey and more specific: what I read and did to learn more about SLOs, how I got the buy in from the appropriate stateholders, how advocacy of SLOs internally is super important and how we build an SLO "framework". On the SLO framework I will cover what tools we use to build our SLIs, where we store the SLO docs, how we implement burn rate alerting and how all these fit together in a scalable and extendable way. The last part will be learnings from our SLOs and ways of working with the Product teams in order to define their SLOs.

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