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Dan Wilson

Co-founder, CTO @ Control Plane Corporation


Dan Wilson has served as CTO of Control Plane since October of 2019. Dan has over 20 years of experience working on cloud services in contributor and leadership roles across operations, engineering, and architecture. While working at SAP Concur, he scaled their SaaS offering to millions of users and directed their shift to cloud architecture. Dan's passion is building tools to help engineering teams leverage cloud-native solutions with ease yet sustain power and flexibility. Dan is an open-source software advocate with contributions to Kubernetes, Istio, Knative, and more. He inspires teams to focus on powerful but simple architectures, end-to-end security, and failure mitigation.

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Lessons from Failure: How to Fail and Still Succeed

I worked at Concur on infrastructure, operations and engineering as it grew from a few users to millions. Over the years, I was witness of many failures across the stack and caused a handful of issues myself. In this talk, I'll walk through some of the most brutal and customer impacting failures that I saw or caused and highlight the core principles I learned after surviving through these stressful situations.

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