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Benoit Petit

Founder @ Hubblo


Systems and cloud engineer. I want to help reduce the climate impact of tech by enabling full transparency regarding our impact on the physical world. I work on scaphandre, an open-source tool to measure the power consumption of servers and the services they host.

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SLOs for climate: How to Continuously Reduce the Climate Impact of Tech Services

Site Reliability Engineering’s goal is to ensure that software systems and services that are created in an organization are made to evolve easily and especially to be extremely reliable. There are several definitions of reliability, one being: “reliability is the ability for a system to fulfill a mission in some defined conditions, for a given period of time”. This definition allows to redefine the conditions that dictate if the system did actually fulfill its mission on the given period of time. As the tech industry has to lower its Green House Gas emissions of 45% in the next 10 years to match Paris agreement objectives, it seems essential to me that a tech service or system is considered reliable, not only if it satisfies the client on the short term, but also if it doesn’t contribute to jeopardize the client’s future. That means obviously, that it has to respect objectives smartly defined regarding GHG emissions related to it’s very existence and usage. In this talk we'll see we can do right now to use those methods, not only to create business value, but for our future too.

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