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Bhargav Bhikkaji

Founder & CEO @ Tailwinds


Bhargav Bhikkaji is a Founder and CEO of which provides continous automated contiounous deployments for cloud native platforms to accelrate fast. Bhargav has 20 years experience in software industry having build softwares for computer networking and for cloud. Bhargav is avid runner and has run 22 marathons in all around the world.

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SLOs for Production Grade Kubernetes.

We all know that cloud native platform and especially Kubernetes is hard to operate, would not it be great to look at list of SLIs/SLOs to understand if our Kubernetes platform is fine or not. I being cloud native consultant and have worked with many organizations have helped customers to kick start and manage their Kubernetes journey, would like share experiences on important SLOs they monitor for their production grade Kubernetes.

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