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Bart Enkelaar

Lead Site Reliability Engineer @


Equal parts excited bubble of enthusiasm and space geek, Bart has always had a passion for sharing knowledge. With 12 years of backend engineering experience under his belt, Site Reliability Engineering is his next challenge. More particularly the challenge is rolling it out as the next evolution of DevOps at, the largest online retailing platform in the Netherlands and Belgium

Social Media

The Game of SLOs - A Three Part Reliability Musical

Ever since the great success of important society-shaping documentaries like Cats, Wicked and Hamilton, it has been clear that music is the way to truly get a broad audience to accept new information. As SREs, evangelisation is often a core part of what we do, since it often revolves around convincing people to take a new approach to innovation. In this three-part musical, we'll describe the journey through SRE in a manner which is both recognisable and informative and as such should be directly applicable to change hearts and minds on reliability all across the world. Get out your ukulele and sing along!

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