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Andrew Newdigate

Distinguished Engineer, Infrastructure @ GitLab Inc.


Andrew is a Distinguished Engineer in the Infrastructure Team at GitLab, where he focused on the operation, monitoring and scaling of, GitLab's SAAS product. Previously, he was cofounder and CTO of, a developer community. He lives in Cape Town in South Africa, having spent 17 years living in London in the UK. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his kids, hiking, motorcycling.

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GitLab’s journey to SLO Monitoring

This talk covers GitLab's adoption of SLO monitoring, from our previous causal alerting strategy, which had outgrown its purpose as the complexity and traffic volumes grew, to our early attempts, building and maintaining configuration, and the problems that brought about, to our current, declarative approach. The talk will cover the challenges of getting buy-in from engineering, operations and product stakeholders, the benefits of having a common language of availability across the organisation and our future plans. This is a deep-dive, practical talk; all the code and configuration for's monitoring infrastructure is open-source, and the talk will include links to these resources. The talk is based on a talk I did at ScaleConf 2020, which received good feedback.

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