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Alina Anderson

Senior TPM of Site Reliability Engineering @ Outreach


Alina is a Senior TPM, cat herding organizations through complex challenges at the intersection of humans and systems. Over the last six years, she has navigated on-call through pre-IPO hypergrowth to Enterprise scale. Alina is committed to giving back to the Seattle Devops community through Ada Developers Academy mentorship, co-organizing DevOps Days Seattle and volunteering on the King County crisis hotline.

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Survival Guide: What I Learned From Putting 200 Developers On Call

We want to live in a world where the development team who writes the code, also owns that code’s success...or failure, in production. Nothing incentivizes a team to ship better quality software than getting paged at 2am, but how do we do this? In this talk, you’ll learn some tips and tricks for easing less than enthusiastic development teams into on-call rotations, how SRE facilitates the transition to production code ownership and why SLOs are critical to your success.

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